Here a start – in reverse order; our last weekend’s massive Queensland to „Elements 2019 Festival“, with stopovers in Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour, and brief visits to Byron Bay (that has changed quite a bit since our visit in 2001!!) , Ocean Shores (what a cute little place!!) & Buladelah (honourable mention. Because we love Smith’s Lake. But really, there’s nothing to see in Buladelah. But great name anyway).

A few pics from Lilly and supporters at the Sydney Olympic Stadium – again this year she was one of the few select athletes to proudly represent the Sydney Coastal Zone in the Sydney East Athletics Championship (and even made it into the finals!). As we started right from there the kids were rather exhausted.

Just a few days before that we went to visit friends in Melbourne – Lilly got to hang out with Harmony for 2 days, we got a private tour of the Victorian Parliament by MP & Sen’s Dad David, we spend some lovely hours with Jen, Andrew & the 5 kids, and we even managed to squeeze in a brief catching up with Mick, Maria & their lovely girls 🙂

There’s still more to come from these events, and much more planned (starting with seeing the sculptures by the sea with some of our favourite Tasmanians tomorrow!), Halloween disco, …..