… almost forgot: a modern version of the Nativity play (Krippenspiel) produced by Lilly’s school, featuring Lilly as opening dancer, host (aroud min 18) and on-stage (left hand girl) dancer in „Grease Lightning“ (ca min 26):

Time is flying by, even though it’s all so very different this year…

Here a recap since Halloween (with fantastic pumpkins carved by Julius & Lilly {Skye}), and a transformation from cute sixth-grader to evil queen…

Then my birthday, for which Julius made an amazing cake. We still go to the beach quite frequently so there are lots of pictures of our family in the dunes and the pine forest.

We wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas,and a great start to 2021!

There will be more pictures taken from our holidays coming soon, in the meantime – stay healthy!

Many hugs from the Zajitscheks