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To keep up with a steady stream of pictures – and October isn’t even over yet (Halloween and trick-ore-treating tomorrow is highly anticipated by the kids…)! Here a summary of the last 2 weeks: Blue Mountains, second part – beautiful views & rain forest adventure; A trip to the Sydney Aquarium; Willkommen im Team – Beach Volleyball in Coogee; Lilly’s Class Assembly & performance; Sculptures by the Sea und Coogee to Bondi Coastal walk; a night at Little Athletics; scary costumes for the Coogee Creepy Carnival (plus video link! :-))! More soon – Dragon Dreaming Festival coming up this weekend…


School holidays – and lots of fun! Fist, an open class at ballet school, to allow us to observe Lilly’s progress, and yet another afternoon at the beach. Some gifs of that below! We also had a great outing to Sydney Wildlife Zoo at Draling Harbour, to visit all the iconic Australian animals. The parrots were a highlight again… And finally, some pictures (only part I, there are more to come!) from our trip to Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains, were we had a fantastic time (despite lots of rain) with Theresa & Amalyn 🙂

Long time no blog – und zwischendrin ein Besuch im Operahouse, Julius‘ Intergalactic concert, die Buchwoche – in der die Kids als Buchcharacter verkleidet an einer Parade teilgenommen haben. Unsere beiden waren Zauberer-Professor Dumbledore von Harry Potter, und Rotkaeppchen. Ansonsten noch Lilly’s Athletics event, viel schwimmen, Tennis, Hochzeitstag, das Festival of the Winds und Rollerskating beim Sydney Fringe Festival. Jetzt sind auch gleich schon wieder Ferien -da geht es fuer ein paar Tage in dieBlue Mountains, mit Theresa & Amalyn –  und dann geht es eh schon in den Endspurt fuer die 5. und 2. Klasse!  Fuer Weihnachten haben wir Tasmanien eingeplant… aber alles zu seiner Zeit! 🙂

A little winter highlight – apart from blue skies, sunny weather and beautiful Coogee Beach – was last week’s stay at Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains…. Together with Anna, Michael, Maria & Linnea who were visiting from Switzerland, and lots of old acquaintances to celebrate this rare occasion. Maria and Julius got along wonderfully, and Lilly & Linny bonded straight away – all quite excited for friends that also grow up German/English bilingual! 🙂 Hope we won’t have to wait quite as many years to repeat a get-together.

Upcoming events: Lilly representing her school at the Sydney Coastal Region Athletics competition, Julius performing at the National Institute for Performing Arts, and we’ll have an outing to the Sydney Opera House seeing some young dance talents this coming weekend.

Wunderschoen, warm, strandig! Leider gehen heute die Ferien zu ende, aber hier noch ein Nachtrag der Schuldisco, einem Ausflug zum North head, und gassi gehen mit Ozzie, unter den taeglich ueblichen Strand-Kurzbesuchen! In den naechsten Wochen steht viel Sport an – Tennis, Ballett, Acrobatic & Schwimmen (Julius auch, ohne acro und tanzen). Mehr Bilder bald! Bussis…


Lots has happened… a visit to Kangaroo Valley, start of School, lots of visits to the beach, a brief visit from Melbourne friends, and Julius‘ birthday! 🙂

Featuring … the drive (through Orbost, and a too short stay over at Maria and Mick’s),  the new home, Coogee & Clovelly Beach, Felix birthday, a Tesla test drive, and a play at the park with Amalyn…. Many more pics from the rest of April to come soon… 🙂

Hier endlich die letzten Bilder aus Mount Waverley – inklusive Abschied von den Grosseltern Ende Februar, letzt Leichtathletik Erfolge, Ausfluege, Abschiedsfeier und Versteckenspielen im leeren Haus…

Updates aus dem neuen heim in Coogee… SOON!

schee war’s! Laut & bunt… Back to school now, full program again including little athletics, ballet and head lice :-/ …. Some pics from Saturdays excursion to Parkdale beach soon 🙂


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